The documents on this page are all included within the English edition of the book and are presented in the order as published. This page is for the benefit of all the readers of any foreign language editions who want to see & study the documents as they were originally written.
The Cold Spring Harbor Agreement on Nomenclature
original book documentation
Dissecting A Discovery
The Table From Montagnier's "A New Human T-Lymphotropic Retrovirus"
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Heckler's Press Conference    Page 1    Page 2    Page 3    Page 4    Page 5    Page 6
20 Years Later, A Historic Agreement    Page 1    Page 2
Years Later, Hadley Tries To Get Gallo Again
Letter From Project Inform    Page 1    Page 2
The Martin Delaney Letter    Page 1    Page 2    Page 3    Page 4    Page 5    Page 6
Gallo's NIH Imposed Gag Order    Page 1    Page 2    Page 3    Page 4    Page 5    Page 6
Bernadine Healy's Article - January 19, 1995
Nature Article - April 2, 1987    Page 1    Page 2
Gallo Gets An Invitation To Ruin Montagnier
A Letter Of Support For Gallo After Crewdson's Book Is Published
Letter From Popovic To Gonda To Have LAV Photographed
Gallo Learns Of Zagury's Alleged  Actions That He Is Being Blamed For
Gallo Learns Gonda Made A Mistake
Yield Differences Between LAV-BRU, LAV-LAI, & HTLV-3
Journalist John Crewdson & His "Investigative Tactics"
Dingell Distancing Himself From "The Dingell Report"
The Charges Against Gallo Dropped    Page 1    Page 2    Page 3
The LAV-1 Stocks Are Suddenly Insufficient    Page 1    Page 2    Page 3
It Took Eight Years To Straighten Out This "LAI"    Page 1    Page 2
NIH Press Release: The 2nd Royalty Agreement Between The U.S. & France    Page 1    Page 2    Page 3
How The Gallo Matter Moved From An Informal Inquiry To A Formal Investigation    Page 1    Page 2
The Truth About The Movie Version Of Don Francis    Page 1    Page 2
Randy Shilts Concedes To The Truth...After The Fact
Hate & Threats By Mail
The First History Of Events Gets Erased
Gallo Acts To Help A Friend
Gallo Gets Word A French Lawsuit Is Looming Over HTLV-3
Montagnier's Handwritten Notes Comparing LAV with HTLV-3     Page 1    Page 2
Gallo Learns Not To Trust The Press
The NIH Letter Of Congratulations Announcing Gallo's Publications On The Cause Of AIDS
The CDC Hires Kalyanaraman To Get Into AIDS Research
The Signed Agreement Restricting Use Of Montagnier's LAV
Gallo Sharing Cell Lines With The French Who Have Yet To Share With Gallo
Gallo's Response & Sharing Of Reagents
Montagnier Writes Gallo Of Detecting Reverse Transcriptase
Gallo Writes To Get The French Paper Published    Page 1    Page 2
The Rejection Letter To Publish The French Paper
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