It was necessary that many of the cited documents offered as evidence in the book also be translated into Italian. This website offers all these documents in their original English form so that you may read each of them for yourselves. They are an opportunity to be fully informed so that you may draw your own objective conclusions of the evidence presented by the author. Look for them in the "Documentation" section of this site.
Sponsored by the 'Fondazione Ricerca & Progresso Onlus' and published by 'Chimienti Editore' the book is now available for sale as titled in Italian "Indagine Su Una Scoperta." Proudly, part of each book purchase will help fund Medical Research efforts in Italy.
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Dissecting A Discovery
                December 1, 2007
Both the book's author, Nikolas Kontaratos, and Dr. Robert C. Gallo, along with the Mayor of Rome, were present for the book's grand unveiling in Italy. Following the press conference, the event offered opportunities for discussion, speeches, and of course a book signing.


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Book Release For Sale In Italy On World AIDS Day
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