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Dissecting A Discovery
DISSECTING A DISCOVERY is an investigative exposť about the biggest scandal ever to hit research medicine: the controversial-laden discovery of the HIV virus. A discovery which united among others, the French Government, a United States Congressman, and a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, into a lynch mob all after one American scientist. Who really did discover HIV? And why was one scientist, Dr. Robert Gallo, whose discoveries has saved countless lives, so hated?

This book is an ironclad exposure of the truth with a target audience of both the general population and the scientific community and stands alone as a timeless, important, historical reference loaded with many new shocking revelations proved true, Also, it is the only book to ever represent the American side of this multi-layered tale. Loaded with scintillating new information even Gallo himself did not know about - and he was the eye of the storm! AIDS has become so historically significant in human history that now the Library of Congress has asked Dr. Gallo for materials to be donated to them to preserve forever his part in this drama of discovery. This book is to be included in that collection of materials. 

The author's qualifications in previous police investigations afforded him the means to dig thru the dirt and get to the truth of this story which is supported by indisputable evidence. With over 45 million people worldwide infected with HIV/AIDS, their loved ones, and the medical community so entrenched in battle against this disease, this book will attract a lot of attention as it reveals the real history of public health medicine with regards to this disease.

Within the pages of DISSECTING A DISCOVERY, you will step back in time to those early years of discovery and bear witness to the complacent attitude as the world left the homosexual community to fend for themselves, and the horror when it became undeniable that this burgeoning, opportunistic virus had crossed into the general population. Men, women, Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, young, old – all were at risk, The whole planet turned to science, yet science had no answers. Until one medical researcher proved what others could not; that retroviruses do exist in man. That single discovery gave birth to the field of Human Retrovirology; and to the hypothesis that perhaps this killing epidemic was in fact caused by a retrovirus. Dr. Robert C. Gallo’s laboratory eventually proved this theory correct. At last an understanding of how this disease infected us, and the havoc it does to our bodies, came to light. So when the world turned to science, science turned to him. However, after his laboratory catapulted itself straight into the arena of AIDS research, they triggered a truly unparalleled controversy.  

You will also discover the answers to important questions such as...

- What did NIH secretly attempt to rid themselves of the growing French nuisance?

- What proposition was made to Gallo to destroy his French counterpart?

- How did French officials get away with mass murder?

- Did Gallo actually win the Nobel Prize back in 1988, but the world doesn’t know about it?

Plus, new revelations have come to light now that some original, protective relationships have fractured within the French camp. This is a valuable step towards halting some of the fabrications associated with this story from ever becoming historical fact regarding the most ruthless scandal ever to hit research medicine. Most important of all, the author was given unrestricted, unsupervised access to files from many sources; including all personal files belonging to Dr. Gallo himself! He has never before shared any of these files ever.

You are invited to read and learn for yourselves that DISSECTING A DISCOVERY is not just about AIDS, but about the backroom, cutthroat politics alive today in the discipline of medical research.


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