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Dissecting A Discovery
Nikolas Kontaratos has served the public trust as a Deputy Sheriff, then as a Patrol Officer in two different Southern California Police Agencies. During his career he has received numerous commendations and awards for meritorious service.

Following an honorable retirement, his experience was sought after by Heads of State, Foreign & Political Dignitaries, ‘A’ List Celebrities, County Agencies, as well as the United States Government. His strength in security planning has benefited separately a former U.S. President, a Prime Minister, and top level Olympic organizing for the 2004 Summer Games in Athens.

It was over dinner one night that he was asked to investigate the facts behind the international scandal created over the discovery of the AIDS virus and the blood test used to screen for the disease. He eagerly took this challenge, digging deeper than others before him had ever gone. It took more than three years of interviews, persistent document collection, and reading the many accounts & records before he would complete DISSECTING A DISCOVERY. Now, new truths have been uncovered and shameful secrets stand exposed.

Mr. Kontaratos currently owns his own company and resides in Southern California with his wife and two children.


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