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         Dissecting A Discovery

the real story of how the race to uncover the cause of AIDS turned

by Nikolas Kontaratos
At last.....
A powerful investigative probe into the biggest scandal ever to hit research medicine - the discovery of the AIDS virus.
"Congratulations - This book is the best." Respected Science Journalist, Barbara Culliton.
"You have done a great service to science history." Co-inventor of the AIDS blood test, Dr. M. Sarngadharan.
"With this book you have performed a tour de force on behalf of the scientific truth." ABC Man Of The Week & Noted AIDS Researcher, Dr. Daniel Zagury.
"Your book is a masterwork of the truth told in an energizing and page-turning craft." Director of the Epidemiology and Prevention Division, and co-founder of the Institute Of Human Virology, Dr. Willaim Blattner.
Dissecting A Discovery, written by Nikolas Kontaratos, is fast becoming the one, important reference book to read for the history of AIDS. Documenting with incontrovertible evidence what really happened between scientists, politicians, and countries when AIDS made itself known onto the world stage. Exposing the harsh realities of an unforgiving society and the battles that took place behind the scenes as scientists raced to understand the coming epidemic the disease would bring to our world.
The Italian translation is now available for sale. Proceeds from the book will help fund Italian Research efforts. Please order from the LINKS page of this website.
Negotiations have now begun to make available a Spanish translation of this book for the overseas market. Watch this site for future announcements. 
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